Soldier of the Great War

I’m a Soldier of the Great War.
I died so you could all be free.
Are you really free?
Are you really free?
Or is it just not meant to be.

I’m a voter who helped you to win.
I liked the promises you made
Before you all got in.
But you were lying.
You were all lying.
And now… you are not even trying.

I’m a wild animal…born with a distinction.
We are all heading…for…ultimate extinction.
Guns and poachers, forest encroaches.
Death quietly approaches.

I am planet Earth. I was so beautiful
Every mountain, forest, sea, lake and hill.
Now you see me dying look at me dying.
No one seems to hear me crying.

I’m a greedy man, get more money anyway I can.
Trample anyone who tries to block my way
Today, tomorrow, yesterday
Today, tomorrow, yesterday
Pay pay pay pay….pay pay pay pay

I am a soldier of the Great War
I died so you could all be free.
Do any of you remember me.
Or is it all just not meant to be.