Memories and Dreams


Memories and Dreams by Phil Jackson
Acoustic version
Mixing and mastering by Mila Vasileva
Recorded at School Rock Studio “Vitosha”
Paintings by Mila Vasileva,, Boyan Donev
Many thanks to Misha, Bogdan, Maria, Mariana, Martin from “Siluet” for their kind help in the studio
Special thanks to Mila Vasileva, Maria Kaneva and Vulko Donev

Memories and Dreams © Phil Jackson

What can you see through your window?
Now your garden has gone.
No trees or colored flowers
Or a loving smile from the sun.
Who paints the scenes in your head
While you weep, while you cry
Only the memories you keep there
As your time passes by.

What can you feel in your room
Locked up every day?
No comfort or love for your sadness,
Only pain and dismay.
Who holds your hand when you’re scared
And when you cry?
Only your memories can comfort you
As your time passes by.

What do you hear through the hours
As they pass one by one
No laughter or joy from your children
Who have no one.
Who do you hear in the cell
As you weep, as you sigh?
Other mothers, also waiting
As their time passes by.

Memories and dreams
Memories and dreams
Only memories and dreams.

And when you’ve had the years of only memories,
Will you miss what you saw?
And on your release from isolation,
Will you return again….. to remember more?


music and lyrics by Phil Jackson
copyright ©philjacksonlyrics
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