I am


I am … by Phil Jackson

I am a drop of water in a river
that flows to the sea .
I am a leaf that grows
a season to dry up eternally
I am a blade of grass just bending in the wind
But I loved and danced and sang and smiled a lifetime to rescind.

I am a twig that’s broken gathered up to feed a fire
A thought in someone’s history who shares the same desire
Was I part of an impression that led you through these trees
Or the lover of the same gaze that looks out to the sea’s.

I may be only dust now whispering in some wind
Blowing on the the same ground my body used to stand
Walking with my loved one’s laughing in the rain
The forest is a desert now round and round
just the same .

But I loved and laughed and danced and cried and smiled ….only to rescind
I am only dust now just blowing in the wind
I am only dust now who whispers in the wind .
I am only dust now…

Did you warm with heated moments as we shared the same camp fire
Looking out just sea ward to a view that never tires
I am only dust now as many were before as you and those that follow washed up upon this shore
Lifted by the breezes on the twigs around a tree
Sitting around the firelights that burn from you and me .